Designed to Sell

Thinking about selling your home?
Is your house already on the market?
Had a few lookers, but no bites?

Maybe your home is perfect for you, but might need a few changes to be appealing to buyers. Let us help!

“Designed to Sell” is a service to make your home even more presentable to prospective buyers. Our goal is for your house to sell for the highest dollar in the least amount of time. With a versatile look, your home will sell faster than others in its price range. We work with what you have to update the space without spending a lot of money. Whether your home needs a little ¬†simple rearranging or a major traffic flow adjustment, we will provide you with the knowledge you need to get it done right! We may recommend areas in need of a good de-cluttering or even suggest a new paint color or a change in window treatment. We will also provide the homeowner with valuable tips about lighting to help showcase your home.

What our service includes:

  • During the initial consultation, clients are expected to take notes as we discuss how to make your home appealing to prospective buyers.
  • If rearranging or heavy moving is required, we will suggest movers to help the homeowner with a little muscle power.
  • If painting, refinishing, installations, or repairs are needed, we will provide contact information for professionals we trust to get the job done effectively.


  • One time consultation fee: $250
  • Follow up visit: $85 per hour (if necessary/requested)
  • Professional interior photographs to help showcase your home: $100 (optional)

We look forward to helping you get that SOLD sign!!