Punch of Green

Love, love, love a little green in a room.  Nothing adds a hint of freshness and color like a little green.  Whether it is cut from the yard, or a real live plant, or something preserved, it makes all the difference in a space.  Notice you rarely see a design article without something green in the photograph.  Greenery helps draw attention into a space.

Boxwoods are classic and some of my favorites.  Here are some inspiration pics to show what an impact a little green can make.  And, incase you don’t have a green thumb (like me) there are some fabulous preserved greens that stay “alive” with no care at all.  See if you can tell what is fresh and what is preserved…

Where it all begins...

Peter Dunham's design of a foyer. This boxwood makes this space inviting.

(LOVE this boxwood here.  I am determined to do this at my house.  May need to call up Mr. James Farmer or sweet Amie Brown for a little assistance with this…)

Christmas in August?? Not quite. This lovely guy is appropriate anytime!

Preserved boxwoods...available at PARISH!

Love, love, love...not only the greens but the burlap ribbon and especially the paint color!!

Preserved topiary...great way to add height to a table top and color! Available through PARISH.

Preserved wreaths...come in 3 sizes with the sweet ribbon. Available at PARISH!

Couldn't resist...could you imagine an outdoor room with boxwood walls?

PARISH just received a big shipment of 100% authentic preserved boxwoods.  With a minimal bit of loving care (keep them out of direct sunlight to prevent fading) these preserved beauties are intended to last forever.  Come visit us and see what you think about our “plants.”  What a low maintenance delight!

One Thought on “Punch of Green

  1. wow! thanks so much for the shout out! you are so precious! Couldn’t agree with you more about adding green in the home, especially boxwoods ;)

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