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Painting the town (our favorite paint colors!)

Hi PARISH friends!!

How gorgeous is our summer weather?!  It may be hot, but I am definitely enjoying the sunshine! Every year around this time, lots of us get the urge to start a new project or change up a little something around the house! Oftentimes the biggest impact can be something so simple as paint! Today, we are sharing our favorite paint colors!!

The biggest mistake we see that people make when choosing paint colors is selecting one with too cold or warm undertones. As designers, we are all trained in color theory and recognition. Sometimes people look at us like we’re nuts when we tell them their gray walls look purple or their tan walls look green. Every paint color (except pure white) has multiple tones added to change the hue. Those with red, pink, or orange undertones are warm. Those with blue, green, or violet undertones are cool.  The best way to select a paint color is in your home under your lighting and using a pure white sheet of paper to see the colors on.

We get so many calls and emails about paint colors that we have used on jobs in the past, and while we gladly give out color names– they always come with a warning! Lighting is different almost everywhere- so while that fab paint color looks perfect in one place, it might not be so hot in another!

On to our favorites!!


1. Benjamin Moore White Dove

2. Ralph Lauren Tibetan Jasmine

3. Benjamin Moore Paper White

(Note: Two of our faves are discontinued! Ralph Lauren Veranda and Palais White are so fabulous! Ralph, what are you thinking bud?!)


Top to bottom…

1. Benjamin Moore French Canvas

2. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (might just be the *perfect* color!)

3. Benjamin Moore Elephants Breath

4. Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers

5. Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist


1. Ralph Lauren Urban Loft

2. Benjamin Moore Harbor Gray

3. Behr Light French Gray

4. Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray


1.  Farrow and Ball Cabbage White

2.  Behr Mystic Seaport

3. Benjamin Moore In Your Eyes

4. Sherwin Williams Tidewater

5. Farrow and Ball Pale Powder

6. Farrow and Ball Vert de Terre

Fun right?! I hope you found some great colors and ideas…. one last stitch of advice- hire a professional painter! Nothing is worse than a bad paint job!

Be sure to join us next week as we celebrate Independence Day and travel to Europe for our shopping adventure!

Until next time,



Hi PARISH friends!

We (clearly) are surrounded with lots of pretties on a daily basis… and today is about to get even prettier!! We have been on a wallpaper kick lately- and cannot get enough! The days of old yucky wallpaper are gone… and fabulous, unique wallpaper is back with a vengeance! We couldn’t be more thrilled that our clients are getting more comfortable with putting paper up rather than painting everywhere!

trellis    20243-03

Cowtan & Tout Hayworth Trellis

Wallpaper is a great way to add some character to an otherwise, very simple, space. This trellis design from Cowtan and Tout is stunning in a very understated way! It comes in a variety of hues that all seem to have a different personality!


Katie Ridder Leaf Medallion

Katie Ridder is…. well…. just completely fabulous. We literally can’t get enough of her designs! We are dying to use this pattern somewhere!! Any takers? ;) (You can get in line behind me! haha)

2704420   72294833e34e

Schumacher Birds and Butterflies

For those of us that cling to some tradition but love to take some chances with new patterns and color tones, this is a great choice! The colors are young, sophisticated, and have a sweet quirky flare!  

Scalamandre-Zebra-Red-Wallpaper   scalamandre-wallpaper-5

Scalamandre Zebras

We couldn’t post anything about wall paper without mentioning these iconic Scalamandre zebras! This is definitely for someone bold… love it!! Can you imagine this in a fun bar? Spaces like butler’s pantries, bathrooms, offices, and laundry rooms are easy spaces to spice up with fun wall paper and bold colors!

51e8Ks2MzgL__SY300_ showstoppers2

Clarke and Clarke Dahlia

Last but not least… this little beauty from Clarke and Clarke is absolutely perfect! This paper could go anywhere from a bathroom to an office and everywhere in between.

Thanks for joining us at PARISH today! We hope you picked up some wallpaper inspiration for your home!



Tricks of the Trade: Drapery

No questions asked, drapery with out a doubt MAKES a space.  It adds warmth, height, drama, texture…I can go on and on.  Of course, this is just my opinion, but I have yet to see a space without it that wouldn’t benefit from it.  Put it over the windows, between door casings, line the walls of a whole room; there are a million applications.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts we try to live by and a few pretties to check out.


The Lining:

Absolutely, always, without a doubt, either line and inner line or black out line drapery unless its a sheer.  A simple lining without the “insides” doesn’t quite cut it.  You do not want to see any light from the window through your drapey unless it is a sheer.  If you are going to pay the money to have drapery, do it right.  (No, Pottery Barn drapery does not come inner lined or with black out lining.  But there is no shame in buying them and taking them to you local seamstress and having her add the inner lining. :))

The lining sounds like a minor detail…but it is actually pretty  major.  This is what you will see from the outside of your house when you look at your windows.  Unless you have a bright white exterior, you don’t want your lining to be white.  There are few things worse than seeing a dark painted house and you miss the beauty of the house because the white lining of the drapery in the windows is all you see.  Go with a cream, taupe, grey or even brown lining to keep it from stealing all the attention from your curb appeal.

Drapery hardware:

It makes all the difference in the world…  A major pet peeve of mine are expandable rods.  Not only does the rod sag, but it is virtually impossible to open or close a drapery panel with this type of rod.  Measure correctly and get a solid wooden or iron rod that fits exactly.

drapery 2

Where to hang your drapery:

Please don’t put your rod at the top of your window molding unless the window molding touches your ceiling.  Raise that thing up as high as you can get it. It adds height to your room.  A good rule of thumb if you don’t take the rod to the ceiling is to split the distance between the top of the casing and the crown and put the rod in the center.  Also, mount the brackets at least 6″ wider than your window (where possible) to make your windows look larger and to keep from blocking the daylight.

Pleats, rod pockets, grommets, etc.:

All are acceptable in the right application.  99% of the time we go for the pleated look.  It just looks tailored and finished.  Goblet pleats, euro pleats, pinch pleats…love them all.

drapery 1

Drapery returns:

Majorly important in the installation process.  Unless your husband hangs drapery for a living, hire out the installation to someone who knows how to hang drapery correctly.  Barrett can walk into a room and whisper to me, “uh, Steve obviously didn’t hang their drapery.  They didn’t get the return right.”  I’ve taught him a little too well.  Ha!  A return is the part of the drapery at the end of the rod that attaches to the wall.  It prevents the daylight from coming in through the outside of the drapery.  Generally your last drapery ring goes between the bracket and finial on your rod and then you pin the corner of the drapery to the wall right by the bracket to seal the deal.

To puddle or not to puddle:

I actually am okay with both looks.  In the right setting, a puddled drapery adds a little drama.  If you don’t sweep often or don’t have a gem of a housekeeper, you aren’t going to want to puddle your drapery.  Talk about a dust trap.  I prefer the drapery barely kissing the floor.



One last trick of the trade I all learned from our fabulous installer:

On the lead ring of the drape, twist the pin so you are pinning the drape to the ring almost backwards.  This keeps you from seeing the lining on the lead panel.

Hope this helped you out a little when designing drapery.  If you have any questions or want a little help, feel free to give us a call.  Hope y’all had a great Valentine’s Day!