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Let the renovation begin…

I cannot believe I am posting pictures of my kitchen in this disastrous state!  The things you do for a blog.  I am also the world’s worst photographer.  I apologize in advance for the crappy photos.  My husband Paul and I decided that our kitchen needed a little face lift.  We love our Cloverdale bungalow, but the kitchen needed major help.  We were lucky that our cabinets were in great shape, and only need a fresh coat of paint.  The layout is long and narrow, so we wanted to paint it a warm cream, and make it feel more open and airy.  The counters and back-splash are coming out, and being replaced with Alabama White marble, and classic white subway tile.  Here are some embarrassing sneak peaks of the before…don’t laugh.

Would anyone like to come organize my cabinets? So embarrassing!!

Yes, those are Formica counters. Jealous?

We do love our antler chandelier. The only decent thing in our kitchen at the moment.

I hope our neighbors don't move, due to lack of window privacy.

The black on the cabinets is beyond bad. That needs to go ASAP!

Do you feel sorry for me yet?  The painters are starting today.  Mark and Mike are wonderful!  I will post progress pictures as the renovation continues.  We are so excited.  Don’t forget our Cloverdale studio and Parish opening is this Friday from 4-7.  We look forward to seeing all of you there!  Oh and one more thing, ROLL TIDE!!!!

Spotlight Interior Designer: Richard Keith Langham


Once upon a time I lived in the grand ole New York City, had the cutest little apartment on McDougal street between Prince and Houston in the heart of Soho, and had fabulous calf muscles due to my walk up….okay, now I’m day dreaming.  This was way before I met my sweet hubs and he swept me off to Montgomery, Ala.  What was I thinking?!?  Just kidding.  While in NYC I took classes at NY School of Interior Design and was lucky enough to work with the extremely talented Richard Keith Langham in his studio on the corner of 60th and Lex (real close to Bloomingdales for those of you, like my Mom, who venture there on your trips up north).  Believe it or not, Keith is actually from the sweet little town of Brewton, Ala, and he carries his southern charm into his glamorous design work.  He has worked with some of the greatest… Jackie Onassis, Renee Zellweger and Hillary Swank just to name a few.  And, he is on this year’s Elle Decor’s 2011 A List!!

Check out a few pics of his design studio and some of his great work.

Keith at the entrance of his design studio.

Photo from this year's Hamptons' showhouse

Great home in Georgetown...

This room is from a glamorous period home in New Orleans.

Keith is known for his Christmas parties. If I remember correctly, he closes his studio down for something like a month for Christmas. When I was there, most of his designers were from the South and they all got a great Christmas vacation.

Yes, this is normal for Christmas at Keith's design studio, and yes, this tree is really as large as it looks. Isn't' it FABULOUS?

 (Merry Christmas a little early.)

It is rare that I pick up a design magazine and don’t find Keith’s name in it somewhere.  If you haven’t recognized his work before, hopefully you will from now on.  He has a fabulous eye and a wonderful personality.  I have sent several design grads his way for internships, and they have not left there disappointed.  My experience with Keith changed my perception on interiors.

(Note to the young designers: get out of your comfort zone and go do something fun!  It will change your life.)

Fabulous slip covers

Love the band at the bottom

Those who know me know I don’t commit to color easily.  I like my options.  I don’t like to be “married” to anything but my sweet hubs.  Same goes with slip covers.  I can commit to a slip cover because I know it will be flexible with our lifestyle.  I love the ability to LIVE in furniture.  You don’t have to completely re-upholster a piece when there is an “uh-oh”.  Flexibility…I like it!!  I often say slip covers are child friendly, dog friendly, husband friendly, red wine friendly…you get my point.  You can wash the darn things and don’t have to freak out when life happens…because it will happen.  There is nothing worse in my book than having something too good to use.  What’s the point??  Here are a few inspiration pics of fabulous slip covers that you can LIVE on.  Enjoy.

Love the band at the bottom and the tailored look.


Easy to use button detail. Great way to dress up ordinary chairs!


Appropriate for any space.


Love the button detail. Major points for creatively hiding the seam!!


Sweet pleated skirt detail and love the way it ties onto the chair.


Great way to dress up a dining table!




Great scalloped skirt and crisp white linen!


Perfect for the outdoors...




Whether you like the more traditional tailored look of upholstered furniture or the casual loose look of a not so fitted slip cover, there is a slip cover for you.  Slip covers have come a long way. Our more traditional clients often turn their noses up when we mention the possibility of a slip cover, but they soon fall in love with the tailored slip cover and especially versatility and flexibility they offer.  If you haven’t invited a slip cover into your home yet, you should consider adopting one…they will change your relationship with your furniture for the better.


QUICK PARISH PLUG…We just invited this guy into the shop.  Not gonna lie, it is seriously THE MOST COMFORTABLE sofa I have ever laid my fanny on…not kidding!!!  Come see for yourself!