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Hopping Forward to Mother’s Day!

Hey friends! We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with your families! Jessica enjoyed a beautiful day in the country with her family while Ashley’s family gathered in Rosemary Beach. Wright and I headed to Rosemary Beach as well and even though it was cold and rainy we all made the best of it and had fun regardless!

photo 3

Cates and Rett enjoyed an egg on the Western Green in Rosemary! These little bunnies are too cute!

photo 1

On our wedding anniversary, we crashed a beach wedding with friends!

photo 2

Jessica and her sister, Laura Ashley, celebrated Easter with their newest family member, Annie!


We hope all of you had a wonderful time celebrating the resurrection with your family and friends! Now that Easter is over it is time to move on to Mother’s Day! Recently, Elizabeth Adam’s of Ex Voto Vintage, contacted Ashley about a fun Mother’s Day event at her showroom here in Montgomery! We are super excited about this and we hope all of her our friends in the area will join us this Wednesday for the fun!


Until next time!


New at PARISH!

Hey friends! I feel like I am mentioning the weather at the beginning of every post, but I can not wrap my brain around what is happening down here?! Sunday afternoon I got a suntan at brunch in 80 degree weather and then woke up to 40 degree weather on Monday morning. Mother Nature is one bipolar lady!

It is bone chilling cold outside today and all I can think about is the beach and warmer weather. I was using my Dropbox account earlier and stumbled upon my honeymoon pictures in St. Lucia and I probably daydreamed about that trip for a solid 10 minutes.

2013-04-23 08.30.23

My husband snapped this picture while enjoying his coffee on our deck one morning. Please tell me this is what heaven is like!


Anyway, enough of my daydreams of tropical climates, sunset cocktails, and swimsuits! If I can’t be surrounded by beautiful beaches, at least I can be surrounded by beautiful new merchandise at PARISH! When Holland Williams came to Wine Down Wednesday to take pictures of Elizabeth Hawke’s artwork, she also snapped some pictures of our new merchandise. If you want to learn more about the fabulous Holland, you can find her little corner of the internet, here.

Enjoy browsing through some pictures of our new merchandise and remember, we are happy to ship :)


These beautiful baskets come in four different sizes and are the perfect solution to any storage problems!


I drooled over this mirrored sideboard. It whispered it wanted to come home with me, but my husband said I didn’t need it…clearly, he and I have different definitions for the word “need”



K.Hall “Milk” candles are among our most popular and now we have “milk” and “peony” hand and body cream. These make great little gifts. I keep some in my purse and in my bedside table.


We love the pop of color from this pillow! We have a lot of new pillows so be sure to come by and grab one. They are great accessories that pull rooms together.


We hope you will come in to see us soon if you live around here! New things are arriving daily and spring is just around the corner which means bright colors, fun new items, and a door that’s always open!


Until next time!




If you keep up with our facebook and twitter posts, you may have noticed that Ashley and I have been down to the beach a few times over the past few months. Don’t be too jealous – it was for work – but I personally can’t think of a better place to be,  even if it is for work.

We started with a pretty blank canvas – white walls, wood floors, chrome fixtures. Nothing to complain about by any means but lots of design and details to get nailed down.

Anyway, we are SUPER excited to share these pictures of the finished product:

Isn’t that view INSANE!!?

Oh, and check out the incredible outdoor living space…

We are so happy with how it turned out and hope the client is loving every second of vacation time at their new getaway.  And just in case any one else needs help with a beach design project – we will gladly oblige.

Hope y’all enjoyed!