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Giveaway Winner Announcement…FINALLY!

Hey, friends! I am SO sorry it has taken us so long to post our giveaway winner from our last post. For those of you who live around our neck of the woods and for those who don’t, but watch the news, you know we had a winter storm last week! Fortunately, our city officials, schools and meteorologists were  very well prepared and our little city fared pretty well. Our friends to the north in Birmingham and our friends to the east in Atlanta weren’t as lucky! Here are some fun pictures from our time off in the snow!

photo 1

photo 2

Jessica might have had the prettiest of views during our snowy weather. There is nothing more peaceful than snow covered woods.


photo 3

I had fun playing with my sweet friend, Mandi, in the snow!

As much as we LOVED our fun days at home with family playing in the snow, the time has come to get back to work! We loved reading all of the fun comments on the last post and learning about your favorite pieces of art! Our winner was randomly chosen using and is….


Congratulations, Jennifer! Email me at to arrange pick up!

We are about to start some fun blog posts in the next few days and weeks! A lot of project updates, before and afters, and fun posts spotlighting our favorite items from PARISH! Stick around! Hopefully, there will be no more winter weather to send us home!

Until next time!




The Spice of Life

Hello! I think we’re finally getting into the swing of things around here! It has only taken a week…

We have had a lot of requests for a blog featuring fun and innovative ways to display children’s art, portraits, family photography etc. We’ve all seen it done the wrong way (and hopefully some have seen it done correctly), but let us tell you, variety really is the spice of life, people!! Especially when it comes to a gallery wall!

I sat down with Ashley to get her expert design advice when it comes to creating a great looking gallery wall. The overall theme of our discussion was finding the perfection in imperfections. People constantly want everything to fit in a nice little box and have its own perfect space, but when it comes to a gallery wall it really is best to use a variety of frame sizes, picture sizes, artwork and anything that really brings a smile to your face when you see it hanging on your wall.

“Always keep in mind what your intention is,” Ashley says, “if you have a big black frame on a big black and white photograph, the frame becomes a part of the photograph so you don’t see as much of the photograph. My preference is keep it relatively small, mat it out pretty big and then do a simple frame. That way your eyes will be drawn to the picture.”

Ashley said that it is best to keep the pictures small…a 4X6 or 5X7 is great and the little square pictures are wonderful too! We recently did the project below for a client and used a lot of smaller family photos.


Ashley also loves using an a fillet when framing. “A fillet is basically a mini frame around the picture then matting around that little frame,” she says.  “A fillet really helps set things apart.”

She also loves framing something with a gray background then linen mat. The picture below is a great example of this and these are all available at PARISH!

photo 3

Ashley also loves loves loves real linen mats. Some  framing places will have a pretty faux linen mat, but you will have to do some shopping around for those. If you can swing a real linen mat it really will make all the difference.

Weighting the bottom of a picture is also a look Ashley loves. “If a picture is small and you want to get a bigger impact, I always suggest weighting the picture. ” Some people have a hard time accepting this look, but you must always remember, it is intentional and intention is key!

 The picture below is a great example of weighting your artwork.


Another thing to keep in mind is the pictures you choose to hang on the wall. Some might be family pictures that you never intend on changing out, but some you may want to replace over time. In this case the framer can frame the photo in a way that the photo can be taken out of the back and replaced.

One of our favorite clients asked us to do a wall gallery where we framed 30 pictures in 24X24 frames. All of the pictures were different sizes, black and white and colors, framed in the center of the mat. The pictures were hung an inch apart and covered an entire wall, floor to ceiling. This made a amazing impact and we LOVED it. Doing a gallery this way will be expensive, but in reality, it’s the least expensive form of artwork you’re going to get and it’s stuff you love to see.

gallery 2

We love the old family photos we framed for a gallery wall we did for a sweet client. What a great family tribute!

Ashley also suggests doing a series of three, “you can’t go wrong there, it’s just easy” she says.

Another point she made was that pictures of your children are wonderful, but should also be mixed with real artwork. You can also have your children’s artwork framed. This isn’t about only framing their “good” work, but framing their favorite work. We love to display children’s artwork in playrooms or their bedrooms.

When it comes to gallery walls, don’t feel tied down to family pictures or artwork. Some of our favorite pieces we’ve seen framed were old love letters or old family recipes that can be blown up and framed for a kitchen wall. If you’re framing a letter it should be framed in a glass frame so that you can see both sides of the letter. Old maps look great framed as well. I know some people collect maps to all the places they visit and a gallery wall featuring all of your travels would not just look beautiful, but is also sentimental and would evoke wonderful memories.


Postcards are also a great item to frame in the glass frames. My sister-in-law, Whitney Simon, studied architecture at Auburn. She spent 3 months in Italy studying abroad during college. She and my brother dated for a few months before she left for her semester away…I think I knew then that they would marry one day.

Cole, my brother, went to Italy to visit her in Rome during his Spring Break. They spent the week exploring the city and took a beautiful picture of the Castel Sant’Angelo. When he left she bought a blank post card and watercolored the Castel Sant’Angelo on it, wrote him a sweet letter on the other side and popped it in the mail.

Today, more than 10 years, a wedding and two babies later, that post card is framed in a glass frame and hanging in their home under the framed photograph they took of the actual Castel Sant’ Angelo. What a sweet reminder of their care-free college days together and that wonderful week in Italy.


Whitney and Cole are in the processing and renovating a home therefore the framed postcard is packed away in a box. Above is a picture of the Castel Sant’Angelo to give you an idea of how beautiful it is in watercolor.


Below is a picture I found online of a postcard framed in clear glass.



To wrap this post up I asked Jessica to make  a “do’s and don’ts ” list for creating your own gallery wall! I’m so glad to have her help…I would be the person staring blankly at the wall with a nail and hammer in hand.

The Do’s & Don’ts of a Gallery Wall


  • Use different frames! Different shapes, finishes, sizes and…variety is best!
  • Mix different artwork! Mix pictures with artwork and taxidermy
  • When hanging pictures for a gallery wall, they need to be spaced between 1 and 3 inches apart


  • NEVER hang art or pictures yourself. Always hire a professional. (Your husband is not a professional)
  • Don’t feel like you have to use all black and white photos or all color. Mixing it up is a good thing!
  • When it comes to framing never take your artwork or photos to chain locations. It is so important to take your special pieces to a framer who does good work and will take care of you. You will also have better options for framing and will get a much better finished product in the end.
  • The fun of a gallery wall is to add more pieces with time…don’t worry if things look random, that is how it is supposed to look

I hope this post gives you some inspiration for your current or future gallery wall! These kind of touches are what really makes a house a home. In honor of our gallery wall post we are doing a GIVEAWAY! Bet you didn’t see that coming :) The winner of the giveaway can pick one of our hanging glass frames to take home with them! The picture below is of some we have in PARISH right now!

photo 1

Excuse the bad quality of this photo…I snapped it with my iPhone specifically for this post! To get your name into the pot for this giveaway, simply comment on this post with your favorite photograph or piece of art in your home! Be sure it holds some significance to you!

Until next time!





A New Year, A New Us!

Hello friends! It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve written a post. Probably because it has! Christmas came and went in a flurry in its typical fashion. I always get a little sad on Christmas day knowing that all of the festive fun is coming to an end. But where there is an end there is always a beginning.

A new year means new goals, aspirations, projects and plans. Things are changing a lot around here and we’re holding on tight trying to keep up! Please be patient with us during this crazy time :) In order to make room for all the goodies Jessica & Ashley will be getting on their trip to market next week we will be having a surprise sale at PARISH! Starting Monday, January 13th and going through Friday, the 17th. Everything will be 20% OFF and we hope you will come by and see us and treat yourself to something beautiful!

We will be blogging about Ashley’s latest project on Felder soon…stay tuned for updates! I know we’ve been saying we would write an update for awhile, but honestly, we basically abandoned our little studio and store before Christmas and are just now getting back into a routine.

Our resolution for 2014 (besides blogging to all of you wonderful readers more) is:

photo (16)

Yep, we are looking for a Shoppe Manager for PARISH! We’re looking for an enthusiastic and outgoing person who will fit into our  fun and laid back atmosphere. The position is Monday through Friday 10-5 and retail experience is preferred but not required. The PARISH manager will be responsible for making the shoppe look fabulous among other things! Lots of fun in store! If you or someone you know is interested, please email for more information! We can’t wait to meet you!