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Headboards are one of the best ways to make an impact in a bedroom. Here at Parish we LOVE a good upholstered headboard – there’s no denying it – so here are a few favorites of mine:

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designed by Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design

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The downside to upholstered headboards is that they are not always the cheapest things to come by. The good news is that there are a lot of ways to create your own headboard without spending a lot of money!

You can make one out of worn wood – just use a jigsaw to create a unique shape on top!

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Old wooden shutters add texture and height and they can be painted for an inexpensive pop of color!

via Dwelling Gawker

You can also use prints to create a focal point on the wall behind the bed like this:

designed by McAlpine Booth Ferrier

Or you can use an old farm fence like this:

via Dwelling Gawker

Old doors also add a lot of texture and can be very unique depending on which type of door you choose!

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I hope you are inspired by all of these fun ideas! My college bedroom was designed without a lot of money so I made my headboard using a piece of plywood that I cut with a jigsaw into a unique scalloped shape and then painted in a pretty, high-gloss paint  - it is always a topic of conversation, so don’t be afraid to get creative!!

Fabrics of the Week

This week’s fresh new fabric crushes are below.

First up we have the lush, luxurious velvets…

Metropolitan Velvet Bamboo Shoot Width - 55" Vertical Repeat - 6.625"

can you tell we're kind of in love with this pattern? Imperial Trellis Velvet Chartreuse Width - 55" Horizontal Repeat - 0" Vertical Repeat - 10.5"

Regent Velvet Herringbone Teak Match - Straight Width - 56" Horizontal Repeat - 3.625" Vertical Repeat - 1.25"

Marrakesh Velvet Vert Fabric SKU - 65642 Width - 55" Horizontal Repeat - 0" Vertical Repeat - 1.5"

…a few from the Martyn Lawrence Bullard collection…

Darya Ikat Jewel Width - 53" Horizontal Repeat - 0" Vertical Repeat - 15.25"

Raja Embroidery Sky Width - 51.25" Vertical Repeat - 22.5"

…and a couple of our other loves…

Chinois Fret Noir / Almond Width - 55" Horizontal Repeat - 4.5" Vertical Repeat - 2.375"

Betwixt Water / Ivory Width - 54" Horizontal Repeat - 1.625" Vertical Repeat - 1.375" Fabric Content - 100% Cotton

As always, please call us at the studio if you’ve got to have something in one of these exquisite prints. The options are truly endless.

Autumn Inspirations

Hootie Hoo from Martha Stewart

I did a little search on the terms “Dog Days” and “Indian Summer.”

Technically speaking, the early weeks of September don’t fall into either category, but it sure feels like we’re still in the thick of those hot (albeit less humid) days of summer.  To give everyone a little Hump Day pick me up, I’ve decided to throw some beautiful fall inspirations together that get us extremely excited for right around the corner autumn which will be here on September 23rd. You know that’ll be here before we know it!

So long, summer. (Can’t say I’ll miss you!)


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Only 12 more days ’til it’s officially fall! After writing this blog post, I’m more ready than ever.