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green with envy (a work in progress!)

Hi PARISH friends!

Ashley and I have just returned from our European shopping adventure and we are SO thrilled to show you everything we found! We picked up some great inspiration and some really great furniture and accessories!

Today, we are sharing a fun job that we have in the works! These precious clients are a few of our favorites and their son, is one of our favorite builders! We absolutely feel like part of the family (which we love!) :) We are sharing photos of their living room today- Our focus was balance, texture, and intentional color placement.


A large rock fireplace made a huge impact here, so in order to soften the space, we used light upholstery and texture to take away the focus from the rock. (FAB artwork coming soon- use your imagination!) Because the space is so large, we were able to have 3 sofas and two separate seating areas. These gorgeous sofas are two of my personal favorites! The minimal touches of green here add just enough color!



Opposite the fireplace, another stunning sofa and two chairs serve as additional seating and balance the weight of the heavy rock fireplace. An antique oushak pillow adds texture to a creamy ticking armchair! (gorgeous combination!)


We used a beautiful table behind the sofa and some massive lamps that serve as a visual division between the kitchen and the living room. How fun are these antique wine jugs?!



The corinthian column bases serve as cocktail tables… swoon. These are absolutely my favorite part of the space! The subtle touches of green in the pillows added just enough color to this area.


This is a little detail shot, but it shows the pops of green in the background! So gorgeous! PS… we will share their beautiful kitchen in another post- you can see the pecky cypress cabinets in the back of this image!


One of our favorite things about install day is getting to see (and play with) accessories that our clients already have! This sweet client had a beautiful collection of saints…. we loved them!! They also inspired some of our purchases in Europe!

I hope you all enjoyed our little wrap up- more fabulous pictures to come! :) Stay tuned for more details on our shopping adventure and how you can be a part of the fun when our container arrives from across the ocean! We can’t wait! Have a fabulous week!

Until next time,




Hi PARISH friends!

Today, we want to share one of our most recent projects with you! Our studio is filled with young women, and as much as we like to think that we JUST graduated from college…. It’s just not the truth. However… some things about college just don’t ever change- like FRATERNITY houses! They’re always messy, sometimes smelly, and usually full of handsome fun loving guys!


logos_flag   logos_badge

The Sigma Nu chapter at Auburn University is no exception! We have been enlisted to update the main living room and of course, had to share the nitty gritty details with you!


 The Beta Theta chapter was chartered at Auburn University in 1890. They have been pledging great guys and winning numerous accolades ever since! One of our favorite alums is Ashley’s husband, Barrett! They (along with Cates and Rett) spend many football Saturdays at the house in the fall in anticipation for an AU win!

                      OB-Sigma Nu

These are some of our selections for the new living room! Our primary concern in this space is DURABILITY! These guys play hard so our choices have been smart ones that will last many pledge classes to come! Every single fabric that we chose is washable! We have opted for deep, comfy sofas and club chairs to give the guys ample seating in their home away from home. This space will be used for studying as well so a large chandelier, sconces, and drum shades will provide plenty of lighting!

When selecting a color scheme, our intention was to create a timeless space that can be enjoyed by alumni and actives for years to come. Our favorite selection was the drapery fabric. What could be more masculine or southern than pointers?!

We can’t wait to show you some “after” images of the living room in the fall! We are so excited that these sweet guys will have a great new space to relax and enjoy their college days! We all wish we could relive ours!


See you next time!



Hi PARISH friends!

We (clearly) are surrounded with lots of pretties on a daily basis… and today is about to get even prettier!! We have been on a wallpaper kick lately- and cannot get enough! The days of old yucky wallpaper are gone… and fabulous, unique wallpaper is back with a vengeance! We couldn’t be more thrilled that our clients are getting more comfortable with putting paper up rather than painting everywhere!

trellis    20243-03

Cowtan & Tout Hayworth Trellis

Wallpaper is a great way to add some character to an otherwise, very simple, space. This trellis design from Cowtan and Tout is stunning in a very understated way! It comes in a variety of hues that all seem to have a different personality!


Katie Ridder Leaf Medallion

Katie Ridder is…. well…. just completely fabulous. We literally can’t get enough of her designs! We are dying to use this pattern somewhere!! Any takers? ;) (You can get in line behind me! haha)

2704420   72294833e34e

Schumacher Birds and Butterflies

For those of us that cling to some tradition but love to take some chances with new patterns and color tones, this is a great choice! The colors are young, sophisticated, and have a sweet quirky flare!  

Scalamandre-Zebra-Red-Wallpaper   scalamandre-wallpaper-5

Scalamandre Zebras

We couldn’t post anything about wall paper without mentioning these iconic Scalamandre zebras! This is definitely for someone bold… love it!! Can you imagine this in a fun bar? Spaces like butler’s pantries, bathrooms, offices, and laundry rooms are easy spaces to spice up with fun wall paper and bold colors!

51e8Ks2MzgL__SY300_ showstoppers2

Clarke and Clarke Dahlia

Last but not least… this little beauty from Clarke and Clarke is absolutely perfect! This paper could go anywhere from a bathroom to an office and everywhere in between.

Thanks for joining us at PARISH today! We hope you picked up some wallpaper inspiration for your home!