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Front Door Harvest Decor

Of course this former city girl is in the dark when it comes to decorating the front porch for Fall. I didn’t have such luxuries in NYC, sadly.  This fall I was reintroduced to the beauty of heirloom pumpkins, also known as Cinderella pumpkins down here in Dixie. I must admit that these are some of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Ashley sent me to the downtown curb market a couple of weeks ago in search of some of these precious darlings for Parish.  If I had an unlimited budget, I’d have bought the farmer’s entire stand. There were so many various shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from. Here are some of them basking in the early fall sun a few weeks ago at our Fall Free for All Sale.  Huge thank you again to everyone who came out!







(I couldn't resist) via Pinterest

Once you know these exist, it’s hard to envision decorating your stoop with the standard orange grocery store pumpkin. (Not that there is anything wrong with those! What else do you use for carving on Halloween?) I did some searching via Pinterest (the greatest creativity source like, ever) and wanted to highlight some of the more interesting displays I found to give you an idea or two for decorating your front porch that will take you through Thanksgiving.

The Lucky Lass



Parish's take :)

Martha Stewart


Of course, you can’t sleep on the fall wreath.


Burlap wreath via Etsy

Cotton wreath via Pinterest

Cotton Hull Wreath via Etsy

And of course, the pumpkin wreath:


The High Heeled Hostess

The pine cone wreath:


…and the acorn and walnut wreaths:

Martha Stewart


Doesn’t this make you so much more excited for December and Christmas? Ha, one thing at a time… :)  Fall is here and it is wonderful! Feel free to share some of your ideas with us here…we’re always happy to have a few new ideas!

Autumn Inspirations

Hootie Hoo from Martha Stewart

I did a little search on the terms “Dog Days” and “Indian Summer.”

Technically speaking, the early weeks of September don’t fall into either category, but it sure feels like we’re still in the thick of those hot (albeit less humid) days of summer.  To give everyone a little Hump Day pick me up, I’ve decided to throw some beautiful fall inspirations together that get us extremely excited for right around the corner autumn which will be here on September 23rd. You know that’ll be here before we know it!

So long, summer. (Can’t say I’ll miss you!)


Design is my Muse

We Heart It

Habitually Chic



We Heart It

Interior Design Hound


Cheetah Is The New Black

Eat Drink Pretty – pumpkin spice cupcakes!


Nat Geo Travel

Rose A La Mode

“Lincoln Park After Dark”

Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes

Refinery 29


Julip Made


rain down on my window

Only 12 more days ’til it’s officially fall! After writing this blog post, I’m more ready than ever.

Spotlight Interior Designer: Richard Keith Langham


Once upon a time I lived in the grand ole New York City, had the cutest little apartment on McDougal street between Prince and Houston in the heart of Soho, and had fabulous calf muscles due to my walk up….okay, now I’m day dreaming.  This was way before I met my sweet hubs and he swept me off to Montgomery, Ala.  What was I thinking?!?  Just kidding.  While in NYC I took classes at NY School of Interior Design and was lucky enough to work with the extremely talented Richard Keith Langham in his studio on the corner of 60th and Lex (real close to Bloomingdales for those of you, like my Mom, who venture there on your trips up north).  Believe it or not, Keith is actually from the sweet little town of Brewton, Ala, and he carries his southern charm into his glamorous design work.  He has worked with some of the greatest… Jackie Onassis, Renee Zellweger and Hillary Swank just to name a few.  And, he is on this year’s Elle Decor’s 2011 A List!!

Check out a few pics of his design studio and some of his great work.

Keith at the entrance of his design studio.

Photo from this year's Hamptons' showhouse

Great home in Georgetown...

This room is from a glamorous period home in New Orleans.

Keith is known for his Christmas parties. If I remember correctly, he closes his studio down for something like a month for Christmas. When I was there, most of his designers were from the South and they all got a great Christmas vacation.

Yes, this is normal for Christmas at Keith's design studio, and yes, this tree is really as large as it looks. Isn't' it FABULOUS?

 (Merry Christmas a little early.)

It is rare that I pick up a design magazine and don’t find Keith’s name in it somewhere.  If you haven’t recognized his work before, hopefully you will from now on.  He has a fabulous eye and a wonderful personality.  I have sent several design grads his way for internships, and they have not left there disappointed.  My experience with Keith changed my perception on interiors.

(Note to the young designers: get out of your comfort zone and go do something fun!  It will change your life.)