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Friday Favorite: Our Furry Little Love Bugs

Hooray for the weekend!

Ashley and Amanda are heading down to Rosemary Beach for one of our big projects today so in lieu of anything work related, (I can’t really think of work and beach in the same  thought pattern much less in a sentence) I’m bringing you shots of our favorite furry friends. I’ve compiled some of our darling most-loved pet shots into one of the sweetest (and honestlyone of my favorite) posts I’ve done on the Parish blog.


First up are Ashley and Barrett’s beloved dogs Lawyer and Coco. Some of these puppy shots (see immediately below) are some of the sweetest things I have ever seen.



Loving that Zach Morris cell phone, Barrett! :)

Lawyer & Coco: True Love

So Sweet!

Next up are Amanda’s little darlings.

Amanda has two cats and two dogs…we don’t call her Mrs. Doolittle for nothing. Drop in for a visit and you’ll find all of these creatures giving you the up and down glance-over to see if they deem you worthy.  Hey, they have to protect Amanda and Paul! Below are some close ups of the furry residents in the Reynolds abode.

Tallulah Belle aka "Toot"

Meet Jimmy Dean the Weiner Dog! Hearts.

Lola belle, one of the prettiest, fattest cats I've ever met. (She weighs like 22 lbs.)

Studly Murphy, a beautiful black lab.

Next up is Emi. Emi and I do not have any pets of our own, but we certainly love on our parents’ pets! Look at these precious furballs Emi’s sweet mom Beth sent us.

L to R: Bella (after Twilight, obviously!) Riley, a crazy (in Emi's words!) Jack Russell, and Hallie (after a twin in the Parent Trap.) She got him in the 4th grade :)

Below are my parents’ dog and cat, Princess and Sasha. Dad rescued Princess (a black lab mix) from the Montgomery Humane Society in 2004 and mom rescued Sasha from an animal shelter down in Mobile last year. They get along great sometimes, surprisingly, if Princess isn’t trying to snag Sasha’s cat food. As you all know, dogs tend to eat everything.


Sasha, the newest queen of the Brown nest

Finally, Evan’s precious pup Copeland:

There you have it. These are the AFGID team’s bestest of friends.  The greetings and unconditional love we receive from these guys when we come home from a long day of work  is without a doubt one of life’s greatest treasures.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Roll Tide & War Eagle-

Fabulous slip covers

Love the band at the bottom

Those who know me know I don’t commit to color easily.  I like my options.  I don’t like to be “married” to anything but my sweet hubs.  Same goes with slip covers.  I can commit to a slip cover because I know it will be flexible with our lifestyle.  I love the ability to LIVE in furniture.  You don’t have to completely re-upholster a piece when there is an “uh-oh”.  Flexibility…I like it!!  I often say slip covers are child friendly, dog friendly, husband friendly, red wine friendly…you get my point.  You can wash the darn things and don’t have to freak out when life happens…because it will happen.  There is nothing worse in my book than having something too good to use.  What’s the point??  Here are a few inspiration pics of fabulous slip covers that you can LIVE on.  Enjoy.

Love the band at the bottom and the tailored look.


Easy to use button detail. Great way to dress up ordinary chairs!


Appropriate for any space.


Love the button detail. Major points for creatively hiding the seam!!


Sweet pleated skirt detail and love the way it ties onto the chair.


Great way to dress up a dining table!




Great scalloped skirt and crisp white linen!


Perfect for the outdoors...




Whether you like the more traditional tailored look of upholstered furniture or the casual loose look of a not so fitted slip cover, there is a slip cover for you.  Slip covers have come a long way. Our more traditional clients often turn their noses up when we mention the possibility of a slip cover, but they soon fall in love with the tailored slip cover and especially versatility and flexibility they offer.  If you haven’t invited a slip cover into your home yet, you should consider adopting one…they will change your relationship with your furniture for the better.


QUICK PARISH PLUG…We just invited this guy into the shop.  Not gonna lie, it is seriously THE MOST COMFORTABLE sofa I have ever laid my fanny on…not kidding!!!  Come see for yourself!