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Here comes Peter Cottontail!

WOOHOO!!!!! Spring is right around the corner, friends and I couldn’t be more excited. With spring comes beautiful flowers, bright colors, cookouts, porch drinks, boat rides and the list goes on and on and on. After a cold and what can sometimes be a depressing winter season, spring breathes fresh life into our souls and the nature around us. It really is a beautiful thing.


The words on this onesie say “Hop Hop”. Too cute! It comes in 0-6 months and 6-12 months


It’s kind of fitting that spring brings life because Easter is right around the corner. Recently I asked Jessica and my husband an intriguing question. It was, “knowing what you know now, if you could be on a fly on the wall during Jesus’ birth or his resurrection, which would you choose?”

It is a question that had been on my mind a lot during the Christmas season. In case you were wondering they both said his resurrection! And I think I might have to agree. What an incredible moment to witness.


Tag Alongs and Paci Holders are now available at PARISH!

One reason I love Easter is because it really is a celebration of what the holiday is meant to be. Christmas can sometimes get blurred with all the shopping and gifts and parties, but not so much with Easter. BUT, one staple in my family growing up was the Easter Bunny.


Sheep slippers…I can’t even! Also available in puppy slippers and bunny slippers!

Easter Sunday meant church and an egg hunt with my cousins, but before I put on my brand new “Easter dress” that was chosen specifically for the occasion, I ran to the den in my pj’s to see what the bunny had brought. Our baskets were never over the top because my “bunny” chose to keep the focus on Jesus. Usually just some candy and maybe some spring flip flops or something related to warmer weather.  I attribute my love affair with the Cadbury Mini Eggs to my mom. I can’t get enough of those things and the minute I see them on the shelf at the store I grab as many bags as socially acceptable in the checkout line…


I want to jump into a pool of these tiny delicious eggs! You can call me strange…I don’t care!

I don’t have kiddos of my own yet, but if you do PARISH has some great Easter basket filler options. Tell your Bunny to head this way and we will set you up.


We have multiple onesies, all with different animals! A whale, an elephant, a bunny and a sheep! “Splish Splash”, the whale is great for summer and “Stomp Stomp” the elephant would be great for a tiny Bama fan this fall!


How perfect is the book “Guess How Much I Love You” for an Easter basket?! Especially since it is about a bunny baby and his mom!

One of my favorite new kiddie things here are these adorable books by BabyLit. If you are a reader and especially love the classics then these books are perfect for your learning toddler. My heart swooned when I read “Edgar Goes to Bed”! Their purpose is to introduce tots to colors and numbers (and a lot more) while also introducing them to famous characters in literature such as Romeo & Juliet, Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth Bennet, and Tom Sawyer etc. etc. They are great for boys and girls!



With counting primers, color primers, animal primers and many more, your toddler will be well on his or her way to being the smartest kid on the block after reading these fun books! I wish my niece wasn’t five or I would get one for her! Luckily, my nephew is getting close to a good age for the Huckleberry Finn one! Too much fun!


Those baby booties are precious. They are hand knitted and we have some for boys and girls! Be still my heart! Some of you may have grown up children and you just might be thinking “Oh, that’s cute, but mine are too old for it!” I have a lot of friends whose parents still give them some Easter happies and below you will find some great options for those people, too!


K.Hall hand and body creams make great Easter basket stuffers!

photo (17)

PARISH has a variety of soaps and bubble baths


These handmade crosses come in silver and gold


Handmade iron crosses

K. Hall Shorline 60 Hour Candle

K. Hall Shorline 60 Hour Candle


Aquiesse Boardwalk 100 hour candle


I hope you will come in and visit us and pick up a thing or two for your loved one’s Easter basket! We are always happy to ship items and can even wrap if you need us to. Happy almost-spring! Until next time!



New at PARISH!

Hey friends! I feel like I am mentioning the weather at the beginning of every post, but I can not wrap my brain around what is happening down here?! Sunday afternoon I got a suntan at brunch in 80 degree weather and then woke up to 40 degree weather on Monday morning. Mother Nature is one bipolar lady!

It is bone chilling cold outside today and all I can think about is the beach and warmer weather. I was using my Dropbox account earlier and stumbled upon my honeymoon pictures in St. Lucia and I probably daydreamed about that trip for a solid 10 minutes.

2013-04-23 08.30.23

My husband snapped this picture while enjoying his coffee on our deck one morning. Please tell me this is what heaven is like!


Anyway, enough of my daydreams of tropical climates, sunset cocktails, and swimsuits! If I can’t be surrounded by beautiful beaches, at least I can be surrounded by beautiful new merchandise at PARISH! When Holland Williams came to Wine Down Wednesday to take pictures of Elizabeth Hawke’s artwork, she also snapped some pictures of our new merchandise. If you want to learn more about the fabulous Holland, you can find her little corner of the internet, here.

Enjoy browsing through some pictures of our new merchandise and remember, we are happy to ship :)


These beautiful baskets come in four different sizes and are the perfect solution to any storage problems!


I drooled over this mirrored sideboard. It whispered it wanted to come home with me, but my husband said I didn’t need it…clearly, he and I have different definitions for the word “need”



K.Hall “Milk” candles are among our most popular and now we have “milk” and “peony” hand and body cream. These make great little gifts. I keep some in my purse and in my bedside table.


We love the pop of color from this pillow! We have a lot of new pillows so be sure to come by and grab one. They are great accessories that pull rooms together.


We hope you will come in to see us soon if you live around here! New things are arriving daily and spring is just around the corner which means bright colors, fun new items, and a door that’s always open!


Until next time!



Meet the new PARISH Shoppe Manager!

Hey friends! Like we mentioned in our last past, we have some exciting news! We have hired a PARISH Shoppe manager and we couldn’t be more excited!

Meet Megan!


Meagan is from Mobile, but will be moving to Montgomery in April when she returns from her honeymoon! Her fiancé is Montgomery native, William Rhodes! We will let her properly introduce herself to you when she gets here, but wanted to tell you a few things about her until then!

RANDOM THING I’M GOOD AT…Organizing!! I have a slight case of OCD, but Ican make any closet or drawer look perfect!

ONE THING I ALWAYS BUY EVEN IF I ALREADY OWN 12…Chapstick…I probably have at least  6 in my bedside table

EVERY HOME NEEDS…Fresh flowers, preferably orchids and a great candle!


MY PERFECT SATURDAY…Sleeping in, Spending time with my family and friends, shopping, and eating a great meal!

FAVORITE QUOTE…“The most important thing is to enjoy your life… To be happy… It’s all that matters” Audrey Hepburn

GUILTY OF SPENDING TOO MUCH MONEY ON…Purses! They are my weakness…

IF I COULD TRAVEL ANYWHERE, IT WOULD BE…The Greek Islands! Santorini, Mykonos… They all look amazing!

MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE IS…Tardiness.. I hate when people are late!!

YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND THIS IN MY PURSE…My planner… I absolutely have to write everything down!

BEST MOTHERLY ADVICE…Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself!


MY LATEST ADDICTION IS…A tie between Candy Crush (why is it so addicting?!?) and the TV show Scandal… Olivia Pope is amazing!

I hope when Meagan gets here everyone will come by and get to know her! She is super sweet and we know y’all will love her! We have also hired one intern for the summer, but we are looking to hire one more! If you are interested send your resume to!

Don’t forget about our Wine Down Wednesday event, next week on the 26th! 25% Storewide discount all day and giveaways and wine start at 3:00! We will also be featuring art from Elizabeth Hawke of One Birds Nest! We hope to see you here!


Until next time!