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The Countdown is on!

Things have been crazy around here lately! Actually, crazy is an understatement. As many of you know Ashley & Barrett have been renovating the cutest cottage here in the historic district of Old Cloverdale in Montgomery. Well…move in day is upon us and we know y’all are chomping at the bit for a preview! I drove by this morning on my way in to work and saw the outside, but didn’t stop in. I was very curious to how the inside was coming along. Luckily, Ashley called and asked us to come down and take some pictures so y’all could see what was happening! Have I mentioned that my boss is amazing? She is! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been to the house, but the house I walked through this morning compared to a few weeks ago will make your jaw drop!


A little “before” action to jog your memory!


If any of you follow Layla Palmer’s blog, The Lettered Cottage  (if you don’t, you should!) then you already know about this fabulous wood plank ceiling. The planks you see were actually the beams from the original roof on the house. When someone tried to throw the planks out, Ashley quickly came to their rescue and we are so glad she did because this ceiling is amazing!


 The light fixture in the center is being replaced by a beautiful chandelier.

ceiling 2


Remember when the living room looked like this?

1215 FELDER AVE. 016 (2)

Another aspect of this renovation that is very important to Ashley is that they salvage and repurpose as many details original to the house as possible. Every door is original to the house and although the tile came from Lowe’s, its style is as historically accurate as possible.


The kitchen is also coming along! Those pendant lights will hang above the island which is one of Ashley’s Scott’s Antique Market finds. Speaking of those pendant lights, right now they are sitting in the spot where she will store her kitchen electronics and pots and pans. Refurbished doors will cover those eye sores giving the kitchen the classic charm and elegance that Ashley is known for.

kitchen 3

kitchen 4

Under all of this lumber is the kitchen island! The island will have casters put on it to make it a little bit taller so that she can pair some barstools with it.

kitchen 2

This is looking from the breakfast nook into the kitchen!

kitchen 1

When you leave the breakfast nook you enter a small hallway which will be home to a pantry and bar. Once again, old doors will hide these spaces and Ashley is leaning toward paining them a dark gray.


This sweet wall paper will be the backdrop to glass shelves above the bar and a skirted countertop will store all of Barrett’s favorite spirits.


 Opposite the bar will be the pantry. More shelving will be going in to get the optimal amount of storage out of this space.


Moving on to other parts of the house! The claw foot tub for the master bathroom is another one of Ashley’s Scott’s find, but the tub in the hall bathroom is original to the house. Brad McDonald, of Bath Innovations  has been a huge help in restoring the old tub!

This is Cates standing next to the tub while helping Ashley with some plans! She is a little interior designer in the making :)


The original cabinetry in the hall bath is perfection. How fabulous are these refurbished vintage built-ins? These will serve as storage for the children’s bathroom.


The faucet for the claw foot tub has been quite a problem around here! It seems as though it grew legs and decided to walk right on out of the studio! Thankfully, we ordered a new one and it was here in less than 24 hours!!!! It is pictured below.

This faucet is from FaucetDirect


 Because paint colors and flooring are such a huge part of not just a renovation project, but any interiors project, we couldn’t let you go without seeing the ones Ashley chose for their charming cottage.

1215 olioboard finishes

The trim and cabinet colors are Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore and the walls are White Dove, also from Benjamin Moore. The floors are original to the house (although some have been rearranged) and have been refinished in Jacobean stain from Minwax. The closet in the master bedroom has wall-to-wall seagrass from our friends at Georgia Floors Direct.

I know many of you are curious about the floor plan. It has changed a few times, but below is the final layout! We’re still working on furniture placement, but as many of you know this changes day-to-day in our little world!



As we wind down from this update, let me say that not only are we ready for this project to be complete, but we also know that Ashley and Barrett and more ready than anyone!

One more reason the studio has been crazy? All of the little hardware details for the project have been sent here. It’s been cleaned out, but this is what it looked like a few days ago…no wonder the faucet got up and left!



 Hopefully next week we will be posting about the COMPLETION of this project! The cleaning crew arrives tomorrow and move in day is Friday! Please pray for all of us :) Especially Ashley!

And last, but not least, if you find yourself with some extra time, please check out The Vintage Mulberry, the blog outlet for Mulberry Heights Antique Store in Mountain Brook, AL. They posted the sweetest article about Ashley’s feature in The Cottage Journal’s  Christmas issue which is on stands now! And don’t forget to visit our last post to see how you can be entered into our current Holiday giveaway! Only 2 more days until the winner is announced!

Until next time!


A Bittersweet Goodbye {and giveaway winner!}

Hi PARISH friends!

As some of you know, today is my last day working at Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design and PARISH. Three weeks ago I made the very bittersweet decision to take a job in Atlanta. I am thrilled about being closer to my friends and working in a big city but I will miss this crazy fun job so very much! This was my very first “real world job” and I have loved learning from Ashley and working with each and every one of you! The friendships I have made in Montgomery are such a treasure to me and I hope that you will all keep in touch and visit me whenever you venture to ATL!

Here is a look back at some of my favorite projects from the last two and a half years…..

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I also get to announce our giveaway winner!!

Congrats to Jodi Woods! Please email Rebecca {} to claim your Pacific Lime Blossom candle!

PARISH giveaway winner!

I hope you will all take the time to come meet Jessica & Rebecca (and of course say hey to Ashley)! I know you will love the new girls of PARISH!



Remodel Tricks of the Trade

Many of you have heard me moan and groan over the design challenges 704 Felder Ave has presented…  Here are a few quick design tricks for those of you who like a good remodel.

The kitchen at 704 Felder was your typical old school kitchen with the wonderful windows that are only 28″ off the ground.  Typical counter top height is 36″.  So, if you need cabinetry on this wall at all, it leaves you with an awkward window/cabinetry situation unless you are willing to remove the windows and go back with custom sized or just do without cabinetry there at all.  The locations of the door openings in this kitchen also made it very awkward to design a functional kitchen…then you add these low windows and there was minimal kitchen.  So, major creativity (which typically means a glass or two of wine and no interruptions) was in order to get this remodel design pulled off.  This stuff is what makes me tick, so I was excited to take on the challenge.

Kitchen windows before construction

The solution?? Remove the window sill, add standard height cabinetry, counter tops and a fabulous back splash and DRAPE the window so you don’t notice the funky window height from the inside and from the outside you don’t see the back of cabinetry…you see pretty drapery. Check it out…


Another problem that presented itself were the lovely air vents in the floor right where the cabinetry needed to go. One of my biggest pet peeves is a floor vent right under my foot.  So, rather than moving the existing vents, we built a chase in the cabinetry base for the air flow and added decorative grates in the cabinetry.

Another cost savings were the pantry doors. The cabinetry is all custom and I wanted large cabinetry doors on the pantry. The cost of custom doors this large is up there…so, I found these old ones at an antique show. Most of the original glass was missing so we used an old mirror originally in the house to replace the original glass panes. The mirror also added a little privacy for a messy pantry. And, you know me…I hate to see a microwave, so that ugly little thing is behind these pretty doors in the pantry.

Last, this kitchen island. I can’t decide if I like this or the pantry doors better. The island was an antique find as well that we added a little height to. It was originally table height (30″) and it needed to be counter height. I showed our cabinetry guys a little inspiration picture of how I wanted the base to be raised and they knocked it out. Now it is functional for preparation, adds a little wow and was way more cost effective than a totally custom island. Honestly, 9 times out of 10, I would put an antique island as a centerpiece in a kitchen anyway.

Hope you learned a few ways to make your remodel a little more creative and strech your dollar. Or, just call us. The design of a remodel is one of my favorite kind of projects.