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Intern Diaries

 Another week of my internship has come and gone. Week 5 was busy one. We had a little 4 legged visitor this week. Let’s just say, the first day the puppy arrived we did not get much work done. However, she is one of the most well behaved puppies I have ever seen!

Adorable Little Puppy Who Needs A Home!

photo(8)Other than puppy sitting, I have gotten a lot of experience contacting trade personnel. We received a pendant light for a client that had a wire shortage. I had to contact the company, tell them what was wrong, and follow up to make sure a claim was filed. I also had to call companies and get pricing and dimensions for a lighting packet we are putting together for a client. Needless to say, many phone calls were made. This job is great at helping you find your voice.

We also received more furniture for PARISH, two chairs and a sofa. The first step was to figure out where to put the new items and where to move other pieces. Next was setting it all up.  Then we finally got to try them out, they are soo comfortable!!!


The other thing I got to do was ride with Ashley to Selma. We went to take final pictures of a renovation project. Everything was so gorgeous and I instantly fell in love with it all! It was neat to set up different scenarios to be shot in each of the spaces. I learned how important it is to really be creative and get different shots that you normally wouldn’t think of. For example, changing the direction of the camera angle can completely change the picture.



So even in week 5, I am still learning things every day. I don’t think there will ever be a day where I won’t learn something from these girls. Happy Friday and have a good weekend!

Intern Diaries

Hey there, it’s Allie!
This week, the girls are gonna love me. I finally finished organizing the resource room. It really was not bad in the first place, books just needed to be stacked a little neater. But honestly, when rushing to find fabrics for a project you aren’t thinking about putting the books back nicely. So my organizational project began, hopefully it is helpful for the girls. Here are some before and after pics. I think I can say that all three of them are obsessed with my organizational skills.
 Caught in the action…allie 6
Finished Product!
allie 5
We also got a lot of new cool pieces at PARISH. You all should come check it out! This rustic interlocking circle chandelier that is my favorite! I learned how to tag and itemize in Quickbooks in order to keep track of it all. This week definitely has been a week of learning the computer systems for me. After learning how to put PARISH items in the computer, I worked on billing information. Which may not sound like fun, but something that everyone should know. I’m getting some good advice, and strategies for when bills start coming in the real world.
I also helped get a lighting selection packet together for a client that is out of town. I made sure it was neat and organized so that the client can read and understand what we are trying to convey. I’m really excited about this project because I get to help from the beginning!
 Look for my next post next week. Happy Friday!


Hey there! Allie here…

It’s week 3 of my internship for the summer, and guess what? I am surviving! I think I can definitely say I am starting to get the hang of things around here.

I’m a senior at Auburn University going through the interior design program. I am originally from Miami, Florida and moved up here for school. Needless to say, coming to Auburn was a big change; but interning for the summer in Montgomery, Alabama has been a big change too. Loving it!! Still need to learn my way around the town though, thank goodness for my GPS.

The past two weeks of my internship have flown by. I have made plenty of phone calls, had meetings with clients, been to Grayton Beach for a house installation, done AutoCad drawings, talked pricing with fabric representatives, organized, filed, re-arranged PARISH and so much more. Think I’m getting experience? I DO! Better to be busy than bored, right? I have been meeting all the people that help Ashely put her thoughts and ideas together for a project. The first person I met was Steve, the drapery installer. He showed me on day two of my internship how to install drapery and how to tell which drape is left handed or right handed. Yup, as you can see, Im learning a lot!

It’s been really neat to see how Ashley, Amanda, and Emi work together. They literally can read each other minds and know what each person needs. They are a fun group of girls to work with and made me feel welcome from the second I started. I am learning a lot from all of them, and they are all so helpful. I think this will be a summer of fun, learning, and of course designing wonderful interiors!

Here are some pictures of my first 3 weeks:

Grayton Beach House Installation on Day 2 of Internship

allie 3

Helping Steve Install Drapery In Grayton, Fl.

allie 4

Rearrange at PARISH – Come Check it Out!


allie 1

Look for another post next Friday!