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Happy September PARISH friends!

I hope that everyone enjoyed their long weekend and are getting back in to the swing of things today!! We had such a great weekend with friends, family, and football!! I know everyone over here at AFGID/ PARISH is beyond excited that football season has arrived… not only for the football games, but for the cooler weather that fall brings!!

But enough with the small talk… we have some really fun news!! :)


We are really excited to tell everyone that we are having a COCKTAILS & COCKTAIL TABLES SALE on Thursday and Friday of this week! Mark your calendars and come out and see us because all of our cocktail tables in the shoppe will be 20% off!!! We are trying to make room for some of our new goodies that are headed our way… so please stop by, shop, and have a cocktail with us!

Here is a little preview of what will be on sale…. (plus a lot more :)….)






See y’all Thursday!


…trucking right along!

Hi PARISH friends!

Today, we’re sharing a fabulous install… and some behind the scenes shots sharing what a day with the AFGID girls is like! We have daily insanity and shenanigans that definitely keep us laughing, but also make us think “what the heck are we doing today?!” Last week- we had a snafu with an install and a delivery… and had to take matters into our own hands.

By golly… we were installing this stunning living room and nothing was going to stand in our way.

image (2)

That’s right… Ashley is our newest truck driver! I’m pretty sure I was doubled over laughing as I took this picture! She was nervous, but handled the truck like a pro (to Birmingham I might add!!) We had two movers join us to do the heavy lifting, so one rode shotgun with Ashley and one rode with me in my car— we had a fun day full of funny conversations!

Once Ashley parked the truck (and carefully avoided the limestone curb), the REAL fun began :)

image (19)

This stunning sofa table was actually our PARISH shop desk but it is so fabulous here, we just had to part with it! The fun green glass bottles add so much personality to this living room!

image (15)

We used three sofas to give this space a cozy and comfortable feeling! This sweet family has 3 (yes three!) boys under 5- so we continually joke that each boy has his own sofa! :)

image (10)

We used a soft greyish blue velvet for two sofas and a linen for the other along with this sweet pair of vintage stools! Who says you have to have a cocktail table? We loved these!

image (6)

This space is one of those that just make you happy… and COLOR has everything to do with it! The subtle tones of gold, coral, blue, and green are so fresh and young and completely fit the personality of this sweet family! We found/stole these fishing reels from another room- aren’t they cool?

image (5)

Thanks for joining us on the blog today! If you’re driving around town and see Ashley driving a moving truck… by all means, please yield. :) XOXO

Until next time,


European Inspiration

Hi PARISH friends!

Happy Thursday! We are so excited to finally share some photos from our shopping trip in Europe! Ashley and I picked up so many ideas and were absolutely inspired by the intentional details throughout Belgium, France, and England! We were so humbled by the experiences we had and the places we visited! We cant wait to show you all of our purchases… but they are currently on a big container sailing the open seas! Stay tuned for a fun “our container has arrived” announcement! :)

We started our European adventure in the beautiful city of Brussels, Belgium. We arrived and immediately went exploring! The city and the people were completely enchanting, and we quickly learned that no one was in a hurry to do anything!! If you know Ashley and me, you know we are always on the go and can’t sit still for very long! After our very first dinner in Belgium (which lasted about 3 hours), we knew we were in for some change! Thankfully, we welcomed the break and learned to slow down and just enjoy ourselves (an idea we are trying to enforce over here!)

image (2)

Ashley and I are rarely left speechless… however, when we stumbled into this stunning church (Notre Dame du Sablon in Brussels), we were so emotionally overwhelmed and just stared in awestruck wonder!! This was such an incredible experience that definitely started our trip off on the right foot! Its amazing to think that this structure took over 2 centuries to complete!

garden in belgium

We also explored some beautiful gardens and courtyards! Many of the antique dealers that we purchased from actually operated their business out of their homes! This gave us such a good chance to get to know people on a personal level! We made lots of new friends! (How perfect are those beautiful planters?!)


We explored the city of Antwerp and learned the history of this fabulous statue! It is rumored that hundreds of years ago, a giant terrorized the city. In this “David and Goliath” type tale, a young boy cut off the hand of the giant and saved the people in the city. This statue is of the young boy throwing the hand of the giant- thus the name “Antwerp” is translated to mean “City of the throwed hand.” We were fascinated!!

image (4)

While we were in Belgium, our sweet guide surprised us with a trip to Axel Vervoordt’s castle home! He is such a talented designer… and his castle property definitely did not disappoint! Even his horses were stunning!

image (6)

We stayed at multiple hotels throughout Europe, but a sweet bed and breakfast in Belgium took the cake for us! We slept with the doors open at night and woke up to this beautiful countryside! It was so picturesque- literally bunnies were playing in the fields!! Heaven!

image (8)

From there, we headed briefly through France and then to England! This is of the beautiful coast of the English Channel! Brighton Beach was filled with such an eclectic crowd of people and incredible views!

image (9)

As we explored through all of Europe, Ashley and I experienced “Charm overload” and loved every minute! I think we were constantly snapping photos of storefronts that spoke to us!! This green storefront is a Pet Shoppe… take note petco. THIS is how its done :)

image (10)

This is the Royal Crescent- an area of luxury condos! We were told that if you live in England, this is THE address to have! The building overlooks a beautiful park with a killer view!


Can I just say that after coming back, I’m mildly obsessed with the idea of having a blue door?! We saw about 500 different shades of blue doors, each one perfection in its own way! This one in the Cotswolds was my favorite! Everything about this house is pretty great in fact!



The charming streets in England were to die for!! Strategically placed flower boxes, chalkboard signs, and beautiful storefronts filled this beautiful country!


We visited an incredible warehouse in Belgium that was actually attached to the owners home- how gorgeous is this entry? We can’t wait to show you the inside!! Let’s just say I’m still dreaming about it!


One of our favorite parts of the small cities we visited were the cozy alleyways in between buildings. This one is so sweet! Boxwoods, mossy cobblestones, and wood beams… doesn’t get much sweeter, folks!

I hope you all enjoyed our little photo recap! For more pictures, checkout our Instagrams using #AFGIDdoesEurope. I think we took about a thousand pictures, so more to come! Stay tuned for a fun announcement regarding our container’s arrival with all of our purchases!! We can’t wait!

Until next time,