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Cherio, Au Revoir, see you all when we return!

Hi PARISH friends!!

As everyone celebrates Independence Day, Ashley and I will be heading out on our European shopping adventure! We are so excited and wanted to share all of our fun plans with you!!

We will be landing in the beautiful city of Brussels, and from there will travel to Sussex, London, Wiltshire, Cotswolds, Lille, and Tongeren (just to name a few cities!) We have a couple of fabulous guides that will be translating and directing us to some shops along the way! Oh how I wish I had taken a French class in college… My high school Latin has yet to serve me any purpose! Maybe one day… :)



Brussels, Belgium



Lille, France



London, England



Sussex, England







cotsoldsCotswolds, England (For all of you movie buffs… Harry Potter, Bridget Jones Diary, and Pride and Prejudice were filmed here!)

We will be scouring through flea markets, antique stores, and warehouses looking for the perfect pieces for our clients and for PARISH! Ashley and I will be instagram-ing pictures of our finds along the way!

We have lots of travel time and very long flights ahead of us, so today Ashley and I are sharing our favorite travel essentials!!

travel essentials

  1. Water! (No one likes a thirsty shopper…)
  2. Lip Balm (Rosebud Salve is one of our favorites!)
  3. Lilly Pulitzer Traveler Pant (Ladies, go buy these pants NOW! They are the best skinnies on earth… and called “the traveler” for a reason!)
  4. A great bag- I love a classic tote from Kate Spade…or Tory Burch… or Chanel. :)
  5. Comfortable black wedges- Jessica Simpson nailed it with these!
  6. Cute flats… for when those comfy wedges fail you. My favorite pair from Steve Madden is slim enough to fit in my purse!
  7. A Fab scarf! If you can rock an Hermes scarf, then by all means do- but a sleek polka dot will work for this girl!
  8. Granola bars- It is rare, if ever, that Ashley and I sit down for lunch…so snacks on the go are essential!
  9. Tylenol PM- obviously. We’re planning to get some good napping in on the plane. This might be Ashley’s first nap since the kiddos were born :)
  10. Books and Magazines- Rarely do we get a sec to kick back and read! We’re planning to read in between naps! :) I’m psyched to start Elizabeth Smart’s new book and sift through a pile of magazines!

Wish us luck and keep up with our European adventure by using #AFGIDdoesEurope! We will see you all very soon!



Happy Tuesday PARISH friends!

I hope everyone is getting excited about the Holiday weekend coming up!! I know everyone here at AGID and PARISH are counting down the days! I for one am super excited because I am going to be making my way to the beach to spend time with family and friends that I haven’t seen in weeks!! (Hurry up Thursday…!! ) and then Ashley and Jessica are beyond anxious for the weekend because they are going to be setting off on their European Vaca!! They are going to be shopping for treasures all over Europe for our clients as well as PARISH….. (but more to come on Thursday!!!)

As some of you may already know, I am a major planner, so I have been trying to get my grocery lists together as well as all my bags packed for over a week now! I thought it would be fun to do a round up of some of our favorite cocktails, sweet treats, and outfit inspirations that are all things Patriotic! My husband is a HUGE fan of the 4th of July… (I think this is  probably his favorite holiday of the whole year!!) so we will be making a few of the recipes below as well as the cocktails for my family while we enjoy fireworks on Friday!!



Red White and Blue Sangria


4th of July Fruity Ice Drink


Spiked Raspberry Lemonade


Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Patriotic Whoopie Pies


Pretzel Sparklers


4th of July Popsicles


Claire from The Chic Scribe


Sarah from Classy Girls Wear Pearls


Blair from Atlantic-Pacific

I hope that everyone enjoyed our 4th of July picks and that they give you some inspiration for the Holiday weekend!! Don’t forget to check back with us later in the week to hear ALL about Ashley and Jessica’s trip to Europe!! We will be spilling details about where all they will be traveling to and some of their favorite travel essentials!!

Have a great day!!


War Tide

It’s that time of year again, y’all. No, I’m not referring to the annual Fall feast that is Thanksgiving. I’m not referring to the time spent with our families being thankful for all we’re blessed with. I’m not at all referring to what is now known as the appetizer to Christmas…no, once the feasting is over and our bellies and hearts are full, after the family football game is played and naps are taken and after *some* of us head out for that “Black Thursday/Friday” shopping spree (don’t even get me started on that nonsense), THE day is here.

It’s not that big of a deal in other parts of the country or even the south for that matter, but in the state of Alabama it is one of the biggest days of the year. It’s Iron Bowl time, people and this girl can’t wait!


Can you tell I’m ready?!?!

My mom taught me to say “war eagle” before she taught me the word “mama.” I was born and raised an Auburn fan and I bleed orange and blue. When I applied for college there really was no question to where I was going…in fact I didn’t apply anywhere else, but Auburn! So what does this Auburn girl do after she graduates college? She meets and marries a Bama fan of course!

This game has clearly taken on a new meaning for me as I have had to teach myself to be humble during Auburn’s triumphs (did anyone catch our 2010 28-27 victory over UA?) and have been humbled during our hard times (anyone catch Bama’s 49-0 victory over us last year?) At the end of the day I have to remind myself it is just football, but goodness it sure is easy to feel like you’ve left your heart on the field of your home team’s stadium come game time. Ashley and I are both Auburn Tigers, but sweet Jessica cheers for the Crimson Tide…bless her heart! JUST KIDDING! Jessica is probably the best sport I know and there is no one I would rather work with during Iron Bowl week than her. Anyway, in honor of the biggest rivalry in sports, the Iron Bowl, we thought we would share some pictures of our favorite ways to jazz up a tailgate and our favorite tailgate recipes!


Jessica’s Favorite Tailgating Tips:

“I love the look of a chandelier in a tent! If you can make it happen, you should. I know it sounds dressy, but it really can add a fun and special touch to your look, plus people dress up like they’re going to church on Game Day so why not let your tailgate reflect that as well.  Some Bama fans might not like this, but please stay away from the houndstooth! It is just unnecessary. And sorry boys, but drinks don’t need to be iced down in your favorite cooler. Galvanized buckets or the nice acrylic ice buckets look much nicer!”


Southern Living featured the tailgate you see above! I think it’s pretty fabulous…even if it is Ole Miss!

This galvanized bucket is one of the many great ideas you can find here


tailgate pic

Sweet Jessica tailgating with friends!

Jessica’s Favorite Tailgating Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Dip

Two 8 ounce packages of cream cheese, softened

2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese

½ cup of your favorite wing sauce

Large can of chicken, drained (or you can use fresh)

Mix everything together and put in oven safe dish

Bake for 20 min on 350 degrees

Serve with tortilla chips or carrots and celery


 Rebecca’s Tailgating Tips:

“I love little details at tailgates and one of my favorite “happies” is cocktail napkins. Last year I found some great cocktail napkins for Game Day. They are pictured below and I love that they aren’t your typical logo napkins. I also think a burlap table cloth is a must. Those plastic tables just aren’t pretty and burlap is inexpensive, but still looks great! Lastly, I love a 7:00 pm game just as much as the next person, but now that I no longer live in Auburn they are just harder to go to. I love a 2:30 game because that gives you a great opportunity to host a brunch tailgate. Think Mimosa and Bloody Mary bars, sausage and cheese biscuits, fresh fruit skewers and mini orange rolls or cinnamon rolls!”




This set-up (along with some other great entertaining tips) can be found here.  I love this look and create it in my home whenever I have friends over for brunch!


 This looks yummy. May I have one now, please? I love the idea of the decanters with the different juices and the simple name tags

These napkins from Caspari are a great way to show your school spirit without getting too cliché with the logos!




Rebecca’s Favorite Tailgating Drink Recipe: The Recipe

1 fifth of light rum

1 large can of pineapple juice

I large can of frozen orange juice, thawed

1 large can of frozen pink lemonade, thawed

Mix all ingredients together

Add a splash of club soda or sprite at the end for fizz

Garnish with orange slices and cherries

*This recipe is famous in my family and should come with a disclaimer. Drink with caution ;)

iron bowl

 Me with my best friend and Mr. and Mrs. Claus at the Iron Bowl in 2011

Ashley’s Tailgating Tips:

“I’ll never forget about a tailgate I went to with Barrett when we were dating. It was perfection with its cute little tent, a skirted table to the floor, fresh flowers and wine chilling in an ice bucket. To me that is tailgating at its finest. Also, if you can do it, opt for wine glasses over styros or solo cups. GoVino is a great line that offers wine glasses that look and perform like crystal, but are plastic. I also love the Sofia Champagne by Francis Coppola Winery. There is something fun, yet sophisticated about sipping champagne from a can. And it has a tiny little straw that comes with the can! I love it! And my last little but of advice….stay home if it isn’t an easy 72 degrees! I love watching football in my comfies by the fire!”




Ashley’s Favorite Tailgating Recipe: Bacon-Jalapeno Cheese Ball
8 ounces cream cheese, room temperature
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese (2 ounces)
2 tablespoons chopped cilantro
1 clove garlic, minced
1/4 teaspoon ground cumin
Pinch of cayenne
1 teaspoon lime juice
1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
2 jalapeños, stems and seeds removed, diced, divided
6 pieces cooked bacon, crumbled, divided (about 6 ounces)
Salt to taste
1/4 cup chopped pecans, roasted
Crackers for serving

Mix together the cream cheese, cheddar cheese, cilantro, garlic, cumin, cayenne, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, half of the diced jalapeños and half of the crumbled cooked bacon. Taste and adjust seasonings and add salt.

Place the roasted pecans and remaining diced jalapeños and bacon on a plate. Stir together so well mixed. With your hands, roll the cheese mixture into a ball, then place on the plate and roll in the jalapeños, bacon and pecans until covered.

Chill covered for at least an hour before serving. Serve with crackers.


If these tiny fans aren’t the cutest little Tigers out there, I don’t know who is!


Don’t forget to visit our last post to be entered into our giveaway! Share the post on your Facebook and comment on it with your favorite Thanksgiving traditions in order to enter. The winner will be announced this Friday. We hope everyone has a very happy and safe Thanksgiving with their friends and family! We are very thankful for all of you, our loyal friends, customers, clients and followers! Also, happy Iron Bowl week and WAR TIDE!!!!!! Here’s to hoping the outcome of the game doesn’t end relationships, friendships or marriages…..kidding!

Until next time!