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Hi Everyone!!

It is such a nasty and dreary day here in Montgomery that I thought I would brighten up your day with our weekly series, “PARISH PICKS”! This week we want to spotlight all of the many uses of a tray. We have tons of trays in PARISH right now that are all shapes, sizes, colors, etc and that can be used in so many ways!

In my opinion, using a tray on a bar cart or on your wet bar is such a easy way to add a feminine touch to such a “masculine” area! You could use it to hold and organize your liquor bottles or even to display all the beautiful glassware that you have!


MVA Studios


La Dolce Vita

Trays are also super fun to display in the bathroom. I have a tray in my bathroom that I use to hold my perfume, my jewelry, a candle, and some other bathroom necessities… It is also a great way to free up some cabinet space and to include some fresh flowers!! I love both of these examples!


Sterling Style



Similar to the bathroom, you can use trays on a vanity or a dresser in your bedroom… to display much of the same objects… jewelry, make up, candles, personal trinkets that are special to you…

vanity tray

source unknown

dresser 2

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Trays also serve as a great organizational tool especially in a room like your kitchen.  A neat idea is to make a “coffee nook” in your kitchen. I actually don’t drink coffee, but my husband loves it! It would be so nice if he had a little area designated just for his coffee and all things that he needs to go with it!! And you could also use a tray in a kitchen to hold cooking utensils, flowers, note pads for to-do lists, etc…


The Picket Fence Projects


My Sweet Savannah

The most obvious place for a tray is the coffee table! The options are endless… you can use it for anything and everything! Some of my favorites are to hold magazines, books, candles, fresh flowers, your remote controls, coasters for when you have friends over, any special trinket that you want displayed… I am telling you the options are endless!!

coffee table 2

Frankie Hearts Fashion

coffee table

Honeycomb Creative Co.

 I could keep going on and on about all the ways to use trays in addition to the ones listed above, but I don’t want to overload you today!! We have so many awesome trays in the store right now that would be perfect for any of the uses I described! Check some of them out below!

parish 2 parish 3 parish 4 parish 5 parish 6 parish

We have lots more to chose from at the store as well.. so come by and see us!! Hope you all are staying as dry as possible!















I do not have a green thumb.  My mother is blessed with that talent, and unfortunately did not pass it onto me.  However, I do love landscape design.  I know what I like when I see it.  I have found myself pinning  lots of images with pavers.  I have always been drawn to gardens and courtyards that have an English feel to them.  I am not a minimalist when it comes to landscape design.  The more “natural” and overgrown it seems the better!  The pavers always seem to add an old world feel to landscaping, but still feel streamlined and elegant.  I especially love pavers with moss, grass, or herbs growing in between them.  I think I could keep moss alive…I think.  Below are some images of exteriors and landscaping that feature pavers.

I love the checker board effect these pavers create. I do ot know why, but I always think of Alice and Wonderland when I see this photo.

Love the unusual fountain in the image. Simple, but very effective.

I am obsessed with the cheron pattern of these bricks and moss. Why use boring ole cement for your driveway???

Pavers and pea gravel are the perfect combination. Especially for people without a green thumb, like myself.

Love everything!! The climbing roses are very romantic.

I do not know if I am more drawn to the pavers, or the shoes!!

This is the perfect courtyard. Secluded and warm. Who wants to meet me for wine at this table?

I love how full and green this yard feels. The pavers only add to the charm.

Do not be afraid to experiment with pattern. These pavers are the star of this courtyard.

Love the way the herbs and flowers create an organic and colorful look with these pavers. Are you inspired yet?


March of Dimes 2011 Ambassador Family

Community Involvement!

This Tuesday afternoon I went over to Wynlakes Golf and Country Club to document Ashley, Amanda and Emi’s handiwork at making the floral arrangements for the March of Dimes 8th Annual March of Dimes River Region Citizen of the Year Testimonial Dinner honoring Dr. Jack Hawkins, Chancellor of Troy University and the 2011 Ambassador Family of the Year, our very own Ashley, Barrett, and Cates Gilbreath. The girls did last year’s floral arrangements and they were more than happy to volunteer for this year’s also.

Below are some action shots of them hard at work…aren’t they talented? Well, we knew that already, but look: their talents span the genres! :)

You may not know it, but November is Prematurity Awareness Month. Because Cates was born two months early, the NICU and the March of Dimes are very near and dear to this family’s heart. Not long ago, famed Montgomery radio personality Larry Stevens came over to Ashley & Barrett’s gorgeous Cloverdale home to interview the 2011 Ambassador Family. The final product of this touching story with a beautiful ending can be seen below.
WARNING: you’ll probably shed a tear or two, but you’ll come away smiling whilst watching that healthy and happy baby girl bouncing around!

Tomorrow we’ll show you some ADORABLE shots of that sweetie in her pumpkin costume for our Friday Favorite! Be sure to check back in with us…