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Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins! Oh…and a GIVEAWAY, too!

I know that we have been jumping the gun over here when it comes to Christmas. We just can’t help that we’re full of the Christmas spirit!!! But, we do realize that Thanksgiving is less than a week away! Fall really is my favorite time of year…pumpkins, cool weather, football, pumpkin spice lattes, the list goes on and on. In my house September means football so the pumpkins don’t make their debut until October 1st. I don’t decorate specifically for Halloween or Thanksgiving. I put all sorts of pumpkins out and that’s where they stay from the beginning of October until the day after Thanksgiving. I hope y’all haven’t thrown your pumpkins away yet because this post is all about decorating with pumpkins! Below are some pictures showing how we have decorated with pumpkins in our own homes and then some of our favorite ways to incorporate them into yours!


These beauties are from the Curb Market downtown. Every year I decorate the fireplace with pumpkins of different shapes, colors and sizes. That beautiful lantern was a wedding gift and I filled it with small pumpkins to add a special touch.


Once again the Curb Market helped us out with these gorgeous heirloom pumpkins that we used in PARISH. They were then taken to Ashley’s house to add a whimsical touch to Cates’ Cinderella themed birthday party!

Below are our favorite ways to decorate with pumpkins. We hope they inspire you to add some Fall fun to your home for this Thanksgiving holiday!


I love that these tiny pumpkins are lying on a bed of Rosemary. What the perfect touch for a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

This centerpiece can be found on the Nest blog.


Below are some pictures from one of my absolute favorite bloggers, Jenny Hobick.  Her blog, “Everyday Occasions” inspires me every time I read it and when I refer to Jenny my husband knows exactly who I am talking about :) She has a “Fall Guide” tab at the top of her blog making it super easy to choose between décor, recipes and entertaining.

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You can find all of Jenny’s creations at her blog,  here!

And last, but not least, it’s GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!!! To kick off the holiday season (yes, we are counting Thanksgiving here, too :) ) we will begin our weekly giveaways today!These beautiful purple embroidered pillows with a flax background will be our first giveaway!!!!


We LOVE these and we know someone out there has the perfect spot for them in their home. To enter the drawing please share this post on your Facebook page and comment below with your favorite Thanksgiving tradition. The winner will be announced next Friday, November 29th. Good luck, y’all!

Until next time!

A day in the life…

This past Wednesday, intern Allie and I headed to Birmingham for several meetings. The day started about 15 mins late and without Starbucks…generally a necessity for any type of road trip. Sweet Allie replied to emails for me the whole way there while I booked it to B’ham.

First meeting was at one of our favorite B’ham projects, pics below. The weekly construction meeting with Carey Hollingsworth (awesome architect), BR BC (builder) and precious clients to discuss cabinetry elevations, lighting, finish schedules, etc. went great. Everyone left the meeting and headed off to fun Fourth of July weekend plans. We, instead, headed off to lunch at Starbucks (finally got my caffeine) and then to Elegant Earth.



Elegant Earth is one of our favorite vendors and lucky for us, they are just an hour and a half away in Birmingham. This great company produces some heavy products and shipping can be pretty pricy. Since I have a mini bus (suburban, and I do mean “bus” since I cart 2 babies around daily), I can generally fit our order in the back. If the timing is right and we happen to have a meeting in B’ham when our order is ready, we save a chunk on the shipping cost if I pick it up. So, second stop: Elegant Earth.

These pics below crack me up… So, what you see here is a vintage chandelier (from a client’s house that I refused to let her toss) riding in the base of the infant carrier with the “potty duck” and client bin below. Next pic is the lovely potty duck (total necessity with a 2 year old…goes with us everywhere) riding on top of the nicely packed Elegant Earth order. No, that isn’t trash in the back…Elegant Earth uses bags of hay as their packaging for their pieces. So we are riding along smelling like farm animals live in the back seat.

elegant earth Next stop is a sweet client’s newly purchased house on Shades Crest Road. Lots of changes happening here. We met the contractor from Twin Construction and reviewed bathrooms and kitchen drawings and finish selections for the renovations. Pics below.



Last stop…the side of the interstate. We have a sweet client who has been patiently waiting for a pair of floor lamps for weeks. Well, the driver came to the studio before we opened Wednesday morning to deliver and we missed him. I called to see when he could come back by he said it would be days or weeks and that he was headed to Birmingham. Nice coincidence. So he met me on the side of the interstate to unload his truck into mine. Anything to make a client happy… Thank goodness for a big vehicle. This is our friendly toothless trucker and the view from inside the ole suburb. And, that might be infant formula shoved inside the client bin in the front seat. Sweet Allie may never ride with me again.


car final

By the end of the day, we accomplished a good bit and had some pretty good laughs. For all of you who think interior design is glam…this was a quick look at an average day in the life. Totally fun and always something new and different for every day, but glam isn’t exactly how I would describe it. This day we were stuck with dirty boxes and smelling like a farm with a few fun client meetings mixed in.



Let’s go to the beach, each… Let’s go get away.

One of our favorite photographers, Holland Williams, was down on the Florida coast recently and took some time from her family vaca to take some photos for us. Y’all probably remember a beach house we designed near Alys Beach last year. Well here are some fun new pics of the project!

{WARNING: you will probably want to go to the beach after you look at these.}

Beach House designed by Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design

Beach House designed by Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design

Beach House designed by Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design

Beach House designed by Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design

Beach Pics by Holland 047

Beach House designed by Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design

Beach House designed by Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design

Beach House designed by Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design - custom bathroom vanity

Beach House designed by Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design

Beach House designed by Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design

Beach House designed by Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design

Beach House designed by Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design

 I wish y’all could see the view from their deck. HOLY COW.

For more behind the scenes photos of this beautiful home, start here.

Hope y’all enjoyed… Happy Monday!