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green with envy (a work in progress!)

Hi PARISH friends!

Ashley and I have just returned from our European shopping adventure and we are SO thrilled to show you everything we found! We picked up some great inspiration and some really great furniture and accessories!

Today, we are sharing a fun job that we have in the works! These precious clients are a few of our favorites and their son, is one of our favorite builders! We absolutely feel like part of the family (which we love!) :) We are sharing photos of their living room today- Our focus was balance, texture, and intentional color placement.


A large rock fireplace made a huge impact here, so in order to soften the space, we used light upholstery and texture to take away the focus from the rock. (FAB artwork coming soon- use your imagination!) Because the space is so large, we were able to have 3 sofas and two separate seating areas. These gorgeous sofas are two of my personal favorites! The minimal touches of green here add just enough color!



Opposite the fireplace, another stunning sofa and two chairs serve as additional seating and balance the weight of the heavy rock fireplace. An antique oushak pillow adds texture to a creamy ticking armchair! (gorgeous combination!)


We used a beautiful table behind the sofa and some massive lamps that serve as a visual division between the kitchen and the living room. How fun are these antique wine jugs?!



The corinthian column bases serve as cocktail tables… swoon. These are absolutely my favorite part of the space! The subtle touches of green in the pillows added just enough color to this area.


This is a little detail shot, but it shows the pops of green in the background! So gorgeous! PS… we will share their beautiful kitchen in another post- you can see the pecky cypress cabinets in the back of this image!


One of our favorite things about install day is getting to see (and play with) accessories that our clients already have! This sweet client had a beautiful collection of saints…. we loved them!! They also inspired some of our purchases in Europe!

I hope you all enjoyed our little wrap up- more fabulous pictures to come! :) Stay tuned for more details on our shopping adventure and how you can be a part of the fun when our container arrives from across the ocean! We can’t wait! Have a fabulous week!

Until next time,




Happy Thursday PARISH Friends!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far!! Martha Ann, Rebecca, and  I have been holding down the fort at PARISH and AGID while Ashley and Jessica are finishing up their trip in Europe! They are currently in Wiltshire shopping around and we can only assume they are finding some fabulous treasures for both the shop and for some clients!! We hope that everyone is following along on Instagram and Facebook! You will not be disappointed that’s for sure!!

Today, we thought it would be fun to share how we would indulge our design obsessions at PARISH if we suddenly found a little extra cash…$100!!


I would definitely buy art or design books! I  absolutely LOVE to collect books and I am a firm believer in that you can never own too many of them! They are the perfect addition to any coffee table, book shelf, night stand, etc… A few that have my eye right now….




{all available at PARISH}

Martha Ann

I would have to buy these fabulous Willow Wrapped Canisters for my kitchen! My husband and I have just moved back to Montgomery and are in the midst of unpacking and getting settled… these would be the perfect the addition to our kitchen to hold my various cooking ingredients!! Cooking is my absolute favorite hobby.. so naturally I would choose something for the kitchen! :)



I would choose a potted Preserved Boxwood because plants give life to any room and you always need a little green!! These are the best because there is no upkeep… and for those who don’t have a green thumb.. look no further!!


We hope yall enjoyed what we would splurge on if given the chance… now if I could only have a money tree in the back yard!!!!

If you didn’t get a chance to check out our last post…. don’t forget to mark those calendars on July 24th for our trunk show featuring Vintage Green Jewelry and Amanda Roberson Art!!

Until next time!




Painting the town (our favorite paint colors!)

Hi PARISH friends!!

How gorgeous is our summer weather?!  It may be hot, but I am definitely enjoying the sunshine! Every year around this time, lots of us get the urge to start a new project or change up a little something around the house! Oftentimes the biggest impact can be something so simple as paint! Today, we are sharing our favorite paint colors!!

The biggest mistake we see that people make when choosing paint colors is selecting one with too cold or warm undertones. As designers, we are all trained in color theory and recognition. Sometimes people look at us like we’re nuts when we tell them their gray walls look purple or their tan walls look green. Every paint color (except pure white) has multiple tones added to change the hue. Those with red, pink, or orange undertones are warm. Those with blue, green, or violet undertones are cool.  The best way to select a paint color is in your home under your lighting and using a pure white sheet of paper to see the colors on.

We get so many calls and emails about paint colors that we have used on jobs in the past, and while we gladly give out color names– they always come with a warning! Lighting is different almost everywhere- so while that fab paint color looks perfect in one place, it might not be so hot in another!

On to our favorites!!


1. Benjamin Moore White Dove

2. Ralph Lauren Tibetan Jasmine

3. Benjamin Moore Paper White

(Note: Two of our faves are discontinued! Ralph Lauren Veranda and Palais White are so fabulous! Ralph, what are you thinking bud?!)


Top to bottom…

1. Benjamin Moore French Canvas

2. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (might just be the *perfect* color!)

3. Benjamin Moore Elephants Breath

4. Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers

5. Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist


1. Ralph Lauren Urban Loft

2. Benjamin Moore Harbor Gray

3. Behr Light French Gray

4. Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray


1.  Farrow and Ball Cabbage White

2.  Behr Mystic Seaport

3. Benjamin Moore In Your Eyes

4. Sherwin Williams Tidewater

5. Farrow and Ball Pale Powder

6. Farrow and Ball Vert de Terre

Fun right?! I hope you found some great colors and ideas…. one last stitch of advice- hire a professional painter! Nothing is worse than a bad paint job!

Be sure to join us next week as we celebrate Independence Day and travel to Europe for our shopping adventure!

Until next time,