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Hi PARISH friends!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! I know I did… the weather was absolutely amazing and I had so much fun spending time with friends and family at the beach! Today, we have some really exciting news to share with everyone! We are having a trunk show in two weeks on Thursday July 24th showcasing Vintage Green Jewelry by the ever so talented, Edith Ann Hunt, as well as, local Montgomery artist, Amanda Roberson! This is going to be such a fun collaboration and we hope that everyone can come out and get some pretty jewelry and/or artwork!!

Edith Ann’s jewelry is absolutely to die for… here is a little sneak peek about her and her work as well as some fabulous pieces from her website!!


 “Thanks to her grandmother, Edith Anne Hunt fell in love with vintage jewelry at a young age.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Edith Anne also inherited the ‘jewelry gene’ from watching her mother design, produce, and manage her own jewelry business. In 2009, the Auburn University grad started Vintage Green out of a desire to give life to old, one-of-a-kind pieces from her grandmother’s collection.

The name ‘Vintage Green’ symbolizes Edith Anne’s passion for vintage in a repurposed fresh contemporary style. Though the jewelry line is always evolving, Edith Anne remains committed to using vintage and antique pieces such as, deco brass chain, antique buckles, and vintage brooches in her unique designs.”



Local artist, Amanda Roberson’s artwork is absolutely amazing… her medium of choice is typically watercolor sketches, portraits, etc… but we are going to be displaying her abstracts that are equally fabulous! Here is a little snipet about Amanda and some of her work!!


“I have had an interest in art ever since I can remember. I started my professional career as an Interior Designer and have a degree from Auburn University to match.  I started to create paintings for friends and clients around 2006 and I have been painting everyday since. I paint mostly in watercolor, acrylic and gouache, but I love to experiment in new techniques and mediums. It is my goal as an artist to capture the beauty of God’s creation in the world all around us.

I currently live and work in Montgomery, Alabama with my husband and two small children. Faith, family and friends are my favorite things along with running, reading and sewing.

I love working with commissions and welcome your questions and inquiries. Turning your treasured memories into works of art is one of my favorite parts of my job. Click on the contact tab above to start your conversation.”

amanda roberson artwork 2 amanda roberson artwork


We hope to see everyone at the show on July 24th!! We promise that you will not be disappointed in either of these amazingly talented women and their products!! And who knows we might be surprising everyone with a little sale of our own!!! :)

Until next time!


Cherio, Au Revoir, see you all when we return!

Hi PARISH friends!!

As everyone celebrates Independence Day, Ashley and I will be heading out on our European shopping adventure! We are so excited and wanted to share all of our fun plans with you!!

We will be landing in the beautiful city of Brussels, and from there will travel to Sussex, London, Wiltshire, Cotswolds, Lille, and Tongeren (just to name a few cities!) We have a couple of fabulous guides that will be translating and directing us to some shops along the way! Oh how I wish I had taken a French class in college… My high school Latin has yet to serve me any purpose! Maybe one day… :)



Brussels, Belgium



Lille, France



London, England



Sussex, England







cotsoldsCotswolds, England (For all of you movie buffs… Harry Potter, Bridget Jones Diary, and Pride and Prejudice were filmed here!)

We will be scouring through flea markets, antique stores, and warehouses looking for the perfect pieces for our clients and for PARISH! Ashley and I will be instagram-ing pictures of our finds along the way!

We have lots of travel time and very long flights ahead of us, so today Ashley and I are sharing our favorite travel essentials!!

travel essentials

  1. Water! (No one likes a thirsty shopper…)
  2. Lip Balm (Rosebud Salve is one of our favorites!)
  3. Lilly Pulitzer Traveler Pant (Ladies, go buy these pants NOW! They are the best skinnies on earth… and called “the traveler” for a reason!)
  4. A great bag- I love a classic tote from Kate Spade…or Tory Burch… or Chanel. :)
  5. Comfortable black wedges- Jessica Simpson nailed it with these!
  6. Cute flats… for when those comfy wedges fail you. My favorite pair from Steve Madden is slim enough to fit in my purse!
  7. A Fab scarf! If you can rock an Hermes scarf, then by all means do- but a sleek polka dot will work for this girl!
  8. Granola bars- It is rare, if ever, that Ashley and I sit down for lunch…so snacks on the go are essential!
  9. Tylenol PM- obviously. We’re planning to get some good napping in on the plane. This might be Ashley’s first nap since the kiddos were born :)
  10. Books and Magazines- Rarely do we get a sec to kick back and read! We’re planning to read in between naps! :) I’m psyched to start Elizabeth Smart’s new book and sift through a pile of magazines!

Wish us luck and keep up with our European adventure by using #AFGIDdoesEurope! We will see you all very soon!



Hi PARISH friends!

Today, we want to share one of our most recent projects with you! Our studio is filled with young women, and as much as we like to think that we JUST graduated from college…. It’s just not the truth. However… some things about college just don’t ever change- like FRATERNITY houses! They’re always messy, sometimes smelly, and usually full of handsome fun loving guys!


logos_flag   logos_badge

The Sigma Nu chapter at Auburn University is no exception! We have been enlisted to update the main living room and of course, had to share the nitty gritty details with you!


 The Beta Theta chapter was chartered at Auburn University in 1890. They have been pledging great guys and winning numerous accolades ever since! One of our favorite alums is Ashley’s husband, Barrett! They (along with Cates and Rett) spend many football Saturdays at the house in the fall in anticipation for an AU win!

                      OB-Sigma Nu

These are some of our selections for the new living room! Our primary concern in this space is DURABILITY! These guys play hard so our choices have been smart ones that will last many pledge classes to come! Every single fabric that we chose is washable! We have opted for deep, comfy sofas and club chairs to give the guys ample seating in their home away from home. This space will be used for studying as well so a large chandelier, sconces, and drum shades will provide plenty of lighting!

When selecting a color scheme, our intention was to create a timeless space that can be enjoyed by alumni and actives for years to come. Our favorite selection was the drapery fabric. What could be more masculine or southern than pointers?!

We can’t wait to show you some “after” images of the living room in the fall! We are so excited that these sweet guys will have a great new space to relax and enjoy their college days! We all wish we could relive ours!


See you next time!